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The Human Person, Human Nature and Wellness

A human being is a being with a human nature.  A human being is comprised by several physical systems and non-physical systems, e.g., a mind and a soul.  All the systems that comprises a human being must be ordered and balanced for "wellness."

Therefore, dis-ease, illness of any form, must be addressed in a holistic manner, not merely in a piece-meal fashion.  The human being is an ordered integration; wellness is internal integrity.  Any and all dis-ease, disturbances of mind or mood, weakness or injury of body, and woundedness of spirit, constitutes a loss of internal integrity.  Dis-ease is disorder.  And diseases have spill-over effects across human systems.  When the soul hurts, the body screams!  Restoration of health requires an holistic approach.

There are significant health issues particular to males versus  and females, and vice versa.  These will be addressed also in this section of the website.

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