Life in Christ - Introduction

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Life in Christ
• Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and rejection of Satan and Sin (righteousness)
• A life lived in communion with the Blessed Trinity (mystical union) and other human beings (solidarity)
• Actualization of a new identity (a Christian) and a life lived as an integral member of the Mystical Body of Christ (member of a mystical body, the Communion of Saints)
• Living a Spirit-directed (Grace-driven) life
   o Living a life ordered to the sacred, holy (righteousness)
   o Living humbly and docilely and in grateful expectation for the release of the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit (empowered)
   o Living an examined life (reflection, introspection, self-examination)
   o Under spiritual direction (guided)
   o Desiring and pursuing increased knowledge and understanding of the faith (study)
   o Developing an increasingly well-formed conscience (putting on the Mind of Christ)
   o Living a penitential, ablative life
   o Advancing in affective prayer (personal, public, especially intercessory)
   o Increasing in piety and discipline
   o Growing in the Theological Virtues ( Faith, Hope, and Charity) and other virtues
   o Advancing in a life of witness and service (action: Lay Apostolate; Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy; Church Militant; Faithful Citizenship)
   o Committed to the precepts of the Church (Responsible, Accountable, Loyal)
   o An ambassador for Christ (evangelization)

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