Volume 3, Part 10

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The Magisterium of the Church has been sounding the alarm bell about the world-wide transition to totalitarianism, has condemned it, and has called the laity to action in rejecting it and throwing it off. Lay Catholics, who believe that the truth sets us free, must proclaim the truth in the public square and lead their brothers and sisters to freedom.

"A society must have a sense of direction. The question is whether this sense of direction is owed to moral formation, self-governance, internal spiritual discipline, and a right intellectual understanding of the human person, or whether this sense of direction is going to be imposed from the outside via political constraints. There must be some sort of customs and rules that govern society. We must choose whether the State or society is going to be the source of those rules. This is the fundamental choice between freedom and despotism."

"The trouble with totalitarianism systems of social organization is not only that they attempt to impose error and falsehood. Such systems are just as wrong and despotic when they are imposing truth through an apparatus of compulsion while disregarding the conscience. The fundamental moral postulate of freedom rests on the idea that part of doing what is right includes the opportunity to do what is wrong, providing that we do not harm others in the process; it also includes the moral, but not always legal, obligation to train our consciences to embrace what is known to be true."

"While liberty is part of truth, it is not identical to moral behavior. It is more accurate to say that liberty has a moral potential. Not every freely chosen economic act is a moral act, even if it should not be considered a crime in the legal sense. (Rev. Robert A. Sirico, Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty)."

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA  <///><  [First Published October 28, 2012]

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