Volume 3, Part 3

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A violation of any of the fundamental human values involves intrinsic evil – an evil which cannot be justified under any circumstances. In these matters, a person with a well-formed conscience will accept – without exception – the prohibition of all actions which are intrinsically evil, and, in the interest of public policy, would not ever choose to support or vote for someone who clearly, consistently, and persistently promotes that which is intrinsically evil. The fundamental choice is not about right versus left in political terms. The essential choice is about right versus wrong, good versus evil, in moral or ethical terms. And, where intrinsic evil is involved, there are no shades of gray!

Take a lesson from the nature of color. The color white is a reflection of light in all the colors. When something appears to be going to gray, and from gray to black, what is occurring is a loss of light or reduced reflection of light. Darkness is the absence of light. Light is a metaphor for knowledge, vision, goodness, virtue, truth, God, life, and vitality. "When [the soul] is firmly fixed on the domain where truth and reality shine resplendent it apprehends and knows them and appears to possess reason, but when it inclines to that region which is mingled with darkness, the world of becoming and passing away, it opines only and its edge is blunted, and it shifts its opinions hither and thither, and again seems as if it lacked reason. (Plato, The Republic)"

A proper formation of conscience employs both right reason and the authentic teaching of the Church. We know from the Natural Moral Law, by way of reason, how to behave by properly ascertaining what is good and what is evil! And, we are taught by the Church that the immutable first moral principle is to DO GOOD and AVOID EVIL!

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA <///><   [First Published September 9, 2012]

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