Volume 2, Part 3

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Communist doctrine, e.g., central planning, has infected Europe and the U.S, and Communism would destroy us from within.

Central planning refers to any activity directed or planned by the state, in an attempt to achieve social, political, or economic outcomes. Some central planning is necessary for the common good, e.g., to defend the state against enemies, to safeguard basic individual rights and social order, to actively repress evil, to assure safe food and water, etc. WARNING: "The state [however] ... is coercive because of the consequences of sin ... the state through an evil ruler [or government] can inflict harm on its citizens. (Renew the Earth, Catholic Documents on Peace, Justice, and Liberation)"

"Classical socialists and Marxists define economic planning as directly producing use-values, as opposed to indirectly producing use-value as a byproduct of pursuing profits, and consider this to be a fundamental element of a socialist economy. Economic planning implies production for use, social control over the allocation of surpluses, and in its most extensive theoretical form, calculation-in-kind in place of financial calculation. For Marxists in particular, planning entails control of the surplus product (profit) by the associated producers. This differs from planning within the framework of capitalism, which is based on the planned accumulation of capital, as opposed to the planned production of use-values ... In general, the various types of socialist economic planning ... exist as theoretical constructs that have not been implemented fully by any economy, partially because they depend on vast changes in social and economic development on a global scale ... (Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia)." This is central planning in the extreme. Make no mistake about it; the Socialist/Marxist (i.e., Communist) goal is global domination through coercive means, i.e., the totalitarian state.

The Catholic Church has historically criticized the excesses of liberal capitalism. However, the Church has condemned Communism!

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA <///><  [First Published September 11, 2011]

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