Volume 2, Part 1

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"History indicates clearly that wherever the religious system of a culture has disintegrated, the consequences to the life of the people have been disastrous .... In our time social changes are very rapid ...The worst of it is that these changes are destroying the [Christian] religious values of the past ... so that those writers are being precise who describe our society as post-Christian. Nevertheless the religious structures of which entered into the formation of our culture remain, and also, working as a leaven, the Christian community which Christ promised to be with until the end of time. Moreover, outside the boundaries of the Christian community, in so far as we can define them, are the men who in every age, whether consciously or unconsciously, are in search of the ultimate mystery, transcending time and change, which we call God. (Charles Magsam, The Experience of God)"
The experience of God may be described but defies definition. Each person's experience of God is personal and unique. At the same time, the experience of God is a shared experience, a social phenomenon.

It is the shared experience of God that directs, empowers and energizes Catholic Christians to live a "communitarian life," as the new People of God, The Body of Christ, and to, individually and collectively, work to shape and reshape this world to better accommodate both our God-given human dignity and freedom. From this perspective, we live not in post-Christian times but in Christianizing times – evangelizing times!

The "communitarian principle" which is operative within the Catholic Church aims to build on earth, through truth and love, the City of God. This stands in sharp contrast to "Communism" (any and all forms of socialism) which strives to build, through propaganda and violence, the City of Man, and "Islamic Fascism," which, in the name of God, by violence, seeks to subjugate and control.

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA <///><  [First Published August 28, 2011]

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