Volume 1, Part 4

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The call to Christian Life is a call to personal holiness, a call to communion and a call to collaboration in the Body of Christ. It is a call to evangelization – individually and collectively. The mission of evangelization takes us into all our environments, all our publics – including the public square where our societal policies are formed, through government, and where politics is practiced.

As Americans, and as members of a global community, we face serious challenges that are clearly "political" and that are also profoundly "moral." As Catholic Christians, we are members of a unique community – "a communion" – which has a rich heritage that helps us consider the challenges in public life – and helps us contribute to greater justice and peace for all persons and all peoples. Without justice there can be no lasting peace! The work for justice requires that the mind and heart of a Catholic be educated and formed to know the whole faith and to practice the whole faith.

With baptism into the Body of Christ comes the duty to correctly form conscience. A Catholic has a moral responsibility to hear Church teaching, to receive Church teaching, and to act upon Church teaching in the lifelong task of forming conscience. With a well-formed conscience, Catholics are better able to evaluate any and all social, political, and economic issues in the light of both the Gospel and the moral and social teachings of the Church – in order to help build a better world.

In the world but not of the world - in the Culture of Death but not of the Culture of Death – authentic Christians are the Light of the World; we bring Hope to a diminished and suffering humanity! A well formed conscience and a firm will to do the good and avoid evil are the keys to being an authentic Christian!

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA <///><  [First Published September 19, 2010]

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