Scandals Diminish/Negate Church Authority


Falsehood:  Scandals in the Church at all levels, recently and in the past, have  negated, weakened, or led into question her Moral Authority.

Truth: The Moral Authority of the Church does not depend on the fallen humanity of her members but on the Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ her founder, spouse and head, and on the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, Who resides in her.  All the scandals associated with the Church, at any time, are failures of her members to live out the truths they profess.

That being said, the misconduct of a Church member is scandalous (rotten apple).  But, what is more scandalous are the actions of those who would either attribute the weakness to the whole Church (rotten barrel) or those who would magnify the weakness involved while denying or ignoring the same weakness in the surrounding culture (rotten agenda).

What is also more scandalous is the failure to recognize that the Church, being comprised of sinners (as hospitals house the sick), has at the same timer produced saints.   Indeed, in a culture that promotes greed and impurity, for examples, the Church has produced St. Francis, who embraced Lady Poverty, and St. Maria Goretti, who endured martyrdom in defense of purity.  For every common human weakness, the Church has produced many saints who heroically manifested countervailing

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini.  August 13, 2012

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