The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy is an association of 600 Roman Catholic Priests and Deacons pledged to the pursuit of personal holiness, loyalty to the Roman Pontiff, commitment to theological study and strict adherence to the authentic teachings of the Magisterium.

Founded in 1975, the Confraternity seeks to implement the call of Vatican II (Presbyterorum Ordinis #8, Code of Canon Law #278, Pastores Dabo Vobis #81, and the Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests #29) for ongoing intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation of the local clergy.

The Confraternity achieves this in three ways:
a) Annual Convocation where theological scholars and experts give lectures and hold discussions with members;
b) Publication of journal, SAPIENTIA, which presents sacred sciences, magisterial decrees and current events for the local cleric to understand;
c) Local chapter meetings where afternoons of recollection take place, including time for theological reading/discussion, common prayer (Vespers), Eucharistic Holy Hour, Rosary, confessions and time for fraternity.

Current Officers and Board of Directors
President Emeritus: Rev. Robert J. Levis
President: Rev. John Trigilio, Jr.
Vice President: Rev. Edward Krause, CSC
Treasurer: Rev. Marcos Gonzalez
Secretary: Rev. Sabato Pilato
Editor: Rev. Kenneth Brighenti
Executive Director: Thomas J. McKenna


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