The National Pro-Life Action Center on Capitol Hill.

 NPLAC is the only pro-life initiative geographically located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The US Senate office buildings are nearby as is the Library of Congress. The US Capitol is a three city blocks walk.

The mission of the National Pro-Life Action Center is to give the Justices of the Supreme Court, their high level staff, members of the federal judiciary, members of the US Senate and other public policy makers the information, education and inspiration they need to better form their consciences so they will make better decisions.

This mission is accomplished through symposia, publications, information sessions, personal meetings with officials and media events. In addition to the work on Capitol Hill, NPLAC also reaches out to the members of the state supreme courts. The missionaries at the Center also travel throughout the country giving presentations, institutes, conferences and lectures on human life issues.

The philosophy of the Center is based on the precepts of natural law informed by a Judeo-Christian world view and enlightened by revelation. While not exclusively religious, this philosophy is consistent with the Church's moral theology.

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